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Virtual Audra
Costs & Rates

Hourly Rate of $25.00.

Monthly Retainer of $400.00
- 20 hours @ $20.00 and hour.
- Special projects may require additional fees.

Invoices sent either weekly, bi-weekly or per Project

With Monthly Retainers, if you go over the allocated hours, the additional hours will be billed at the hourly fees as indicated. The Retainer fee is expected at the beginning of each month, and additional hours by project, weekly or at end of month.


Local Clients - For services totaling $25.00 or less, payment is due upon receipt of completed project. For larger projects, a desposit will be required with the balance due upon receipt of completed project. Completed work will not be released untill full payment is made, unless alternative billing arrangement have been made in advance.

Long-distance Clients - A deposit of 25% of quoted project total will be required in advance, with balance due upon receipt of invoice for completed project.

I accept personal, business, and cashier's checks, paypal or money orders.

Early Payment Disclosure:

The Client shall be entitled to receive a discount on the bill of three percent (3%) of the face amount of the bill. In order to receive this discount, Virtual Audra, must receive full payment within ten (10) days of the date of invoice.