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Who is Virtual Audra:

'Virtual Audra' is Solely Owned and operated by Audra Henson, who has worked in various fields including: Customer Service, Real Estate, Payroll, Accounts Receivables & Payables, Field Marketing, Executive Administrative Assisting, Secretarial & Clerical, Data Entry, Desktop Publishing, Office Manager, Laboratory Accessioner, Forensic Laboratory Assistant, Tissue Processing Technician, Child Care Reimbursement Specialist, and Medical Biller. Currently continuing my education as a Medical Transcriptionist!

Past Clients/Work History-

Department of Finance
 - Area of Work: Real Estate Property searches for the county. Performed Customer Service and assisting to the public. Data Entry of Real Estate documents. Clerical duties and maintained archives, ticklers/ledgers, and microfiche machines.

Taxi and Limousine Commission
  - Area of Work:  Regulating and licensing drivers of Yellow and 'Gypsy' Taxi's. Performed Customer Service, Office Assistant, Clerical, mailing and counseling duties.

Department of Traffic
  - Area of Work:  Towing and Auctioning of 'Scofflaw Vehicles' for the City of New York. Performed Cashering, Researching vehicle history utilizing State database, Instucting and certifying others, Customer Service, and placing weekly ads in local newspaper.

Department of Transportation
  - Area of Work:  Maintaining and Engineering the Bridges of New York City. Performed Executive Administrative, Time-Keeping, Customer Service, Executive Office Manager, Department Liasion to outside agencies.

AFC Enterprises
  - Area of Work:  Executive Coordinator for the 'Churchs' brand. Provided Executive Administrative, Marketing/Field Marketing, Customer Service, Desktop Publishing, Office Manager, Project Manager, Building/Construction Liasion.

  - Area of Work:  Handled POP Marketing materials for 'Hardee's' Corporate brand. Performed Customer Service, Warehouse manager, Account's manager assistant, Bulk mailings manager.

Child Care Resources
  - Area of Work:  Processed reimbursements for Child Care Providers. Performed Payroll duties. Managed ledgers, travel expenses, credit cards and petty cash. Handled Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Processed, managed monthly county invoices, and expenses.

VA Hospital
  - Area of Work:  Received and processed VA requests for medical local fee basis authorization. Contacted and interacted with VA sites, clinics, hospitals, specialist and various insurance companies. Verified and ensured all CPT and ICD9 coding, insurance verifications, medical authorizations, account collections, medical files, and diagnosis were correct before and after treatment. Processed medical claims for payment and made adjustments to claims as necessary.

LabCorp of America
  - Area of Work:  Handled biological specimens and bodily fluids. Prepared laboratory specimens for designated departments/locations prior to laboratory analysis and testing. Unpacked specimens for branches or ports and routes specimens by type to various staging areas. Prepared all specimens received for testing in designated laboratory departments or locations such as staging of specimens, centrifuge, separate serum, and blood smears. Aliquoted samples for departments. Followed standard sequences and coding in entering and/or keying in data in correcting, editing, and verifying all data entered into automated systems.

Tutogen Medical Inc./RTI Biologics
  - Area of Work:  Received, logged in as inventory, and processed human tissue for surgical implantation. Utilized special techniques, instrumentation, chemicals and equipment to evaluate, cut, shape, grind and package tissue to exacting specifications and protocols. Accurately completed paperwork and performed data entry where required. Performed Lab Support functions of the set-up and breakdown of rooms, handling of donor tissue, maintained supplies and equipment on a daily basis. Properly disposed of Bio Hazardous waste. Performed under to direction of a senior or master processor.

UF Health Pathology Laboratories
  - Area of Work:  Responsible for assigned non-technical duties in the Forensic Toxicology Laboratory. Receives, accessions, records and labels biological specimens, bodily fluids and tissue received from Medical Examiner Offices, Law Enforcement and State Attorney Offices. Maintains paperwork and chain of custody for accessioned specimens and tissues. Maintains Histology log books and spreadsheets. Maintains Toxicology and Received packages log books. Responsible for entering accessioning data into Toxicology database. Receives, accessions, labels, transfers, reviews for quality control and ships Histology cassettes, blocks and slides. Aliquot, review with Laboratory Manager, package and ship specimens to Referral Laboratories. Arranges and coordinates with staff the preparation and shipping of lab supplies to Medical Examiner Offices as needed. Track packages sent to Medical Examiner Offices, Law Enforcement, State Attorney Offices and Referral Laboratories. Serves as the contact person for Medical Examiner Offices and Referral Laboratories to communicate their comments, concerns, or needs regarding Toxicology and Histology specimens. Maintains inventory of lab supplies. General non-technical duties as assigned by Laboratory Manager.

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'What is a Virtual Assistant?'

Like the majority of their clients, Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs - highly skilled in their profession and able to have a powerful impact on the productivity of those they work with.  Traditionally, they have been known by many names: 'secretaries,' 'administrative assistants,' 'executive assistants' or 'bookkeepers.'  But in an age where technology has made the world a much smaller place, and where more professionals are working from their homes or in satellite offices, the former 'assistant' has become 'virtual' -- and thanks to the Internet, global.

The concept is still somewhat new, but it works so well that it has been embraced by the online community.  A Virtual Assistant (or "VA") can ensure that the entrepreneur who is working in a remodeled bedroom or attic in their home has access to all of the support benefits enjoyed by a business person in the corner office or major corporation - without having to hire any employees!

Work assignments are communicated through e-mail, phone, fax, mail, diskette transfer, and real-time online messaging.  The services offered by VAs vary from one individual to the next, based on their area of expertise.  In addition to administrative support, many VAs offer other, more specialized skills.

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Commitment to My Clients

In recognition of my professional obligation to my clients, I shall:


Virtual Assistant VA Networking Forum - Need a Virtual Assistant?

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Services I Offer:
The following is a 'listing' of services that are available through 'Virtual Audra'.  This listing is intended to serve as an outline only.
   *  Prices may vary depending on task.

(If you don't see what you need, please ask.  If I am not capable of providing the service you require I will be happy to refer you to someone who can assist you!)


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Forms of Communication:


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Cost of Services:
Transcription Rates:
   .40(usd) per minute.
   Turnaround Time:
    15 minutes transcribed in 1 hour.

Virtual Assisting Rates: