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Virtual Audra
Who is Virtual Audra?

Virtual Audra is Solely Owned and operated by Audra Henson. I have worked in the 'City Industry' for 14 years during my tenure in the 'City Industry' I have assisted Supervisors, Directors, Executive Directors, and a Chief Deputy Engineer. My support role to the aforementioned persons have been in the capacity of Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Executive Administrative Assistant. My duties consisted of the following but were not limited to:

Past Clients/Work History:

New York City - Department of Finance
Area of Work: Researching and Data Entry of Real Estate documents, archives.

New York City - Taxi and Limousine Commission
Area of Work: Regulating and licensing drivers for Yellow and 'Gypsy' Taxi's Limousines.

New York City - Department of Traffic
Area of Work: Towing and Auctioning of 'Scofflaw Vehicles' for the City of New York.

New York City - Department of Transportation
Area of Work: Maintain and Engineering the Bridges of New York City.

AFC Enterprises - Churchs Chicken (corp.) (Atlanta, Ga)
Area of Work: Provided Executive Administrative and Designing support to the newest concept of 'Churchs Chicken' Corporate Brand, 'Southern Oven'.

GEO Tech - Hardee's Account (Atlanta, Ga)
Area of Work: Provided Marketing support for the Hardee's Corporate. Handled billing, production of marketing marterials, shipping and processing stationery requests.
Child Care Resources (Florida)
Area of Work: Process reimbursements and Monitor records of Child Care Providers.